2017 – the year of change

When 2017 started, I had a strong feeling that I didn’t have the slightest clue where it would end, and what it would bring, but that it would be a year to remember. And it was. And I could never have guessed!


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Section 6│Klimpfjäll – Hemavan 134 km

Well rested after a sunny day in Klimpfjäll I started what felt like the last “wild” week – it is not walking Kungsleden, the high-way trail of the Swedish mountains. I had two options, one leading closer to the Norwegian border, the other was slightly shorter, more road but less scenic. A part of me was eager to get to Hemavan, which marks the half-way point of the hike, so I chose the latter option. But I definitely want to walk that other paths sometime, it must be beautifully wild! But as every time I had to chose one out of many options, I told myself, that the mountains will not go anywhere, and I can walk explore that area some other year.

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Section 4 │ Rötviken – Tjeedtege/Gäddede 87km

Finally my journey continued northwards again. It had been mentally tough to walk east during so many days, I was fighting with the feeling, that I don’t get anywhere, a feeling of endlessness. I also realized that I had overestimated this sections length and I had supply for 7 days and 120km… A miscalculation in the right direction at least, so I sent a package home from Rötviken. A plan had been to walk over the fjell along the border, but taken how much it had been raining the last days – and the forecasted rain, it felt wiser to walk via Vinklumpen and Lobbersjön and follow the Sami’s tracks over the mountain.


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Are your fears holding you back?

When we leave our comfort zones and our usual surroundings, fear is a natural reaction. But just because we are afraid, it doesn’t mean we are in danger. And just because we feel calm, it doesn’t mean we are actually safe. And somewhere in between we have those fears that keep us at home, within the comfort zone, without any logical reason.

Stockholm under the northern lights, September 2016

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Day 21-22│ July 8-9│Where the road ends, magic happens

As described in the previous post, I was invited to stay for reindeer marking in Jovnevaerie when I arrived at Jänsmässholmen. I felt like a child at Christmas. No, even happier. I actually couldn’t really believe it, I mean how lucky can one be to just walk right into a village at the end of the road and all of a sudden get a dream fulfilled? I felt so blessed and if I ever had had a doubt on why I even got the idea to do this hike (I might have had some doubts when knee deep in a swamp surrounded by mosquitoes the day before… 😉 ), I was so happy to be exactly there and then and nowhere else.

At Klemmetrun.

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